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Amazing. I have done Reiki before with a different practitioner but  these sessions with Natalia blew me away. I don’t even know where to  start. First, I definitely felt something as they were doing it in real  time, even though it was remote and not on a call. It is difficult to  describe but something like a meditative state, floating. During one  session I felt connected to Spirit and was called to do a tarot reading  for someone. After both sessions, Natalia sent me a recording of  messages that were very detailed. The messages were about blockages that  they worked to remove. The messages resonated so much with what I was  going through and struggling with. Especially the aura detox recording -  I had literally been having issues regarding the specific things that  they told me they encountered during the session just a few days prior  to the session. I have very deep old wounds and they seemed to have come  across a great deal of the major ones. I was completely amazed how  specific the messages were and how much they resonated with me. I  believe in the power of Reiki and definitely in Natalia’s mastery of it.  I expect to heal over the next few weeks and months after this last  aura detox and am so grateful for Natalia’s gift for healing. Such a  warm and beautiful soul as well. I highly recommend working with  Natalia. It will be worth it. I will be working with her regularly.


So when I booked with Natalia I was experiencing really bad hip pain. I  couldn’t sit comfortably, walk comfortably and no stretch would relieve  me. I had a lot of reiki done, tried  medicine and applied heat and cold  to my hips on and off for weeks! Finally I came to her and I even  canceled on our original day because I was in so much pain I just wanted  to curl up and feel sorry for myself . Which I did! However we  rescheduled and she made sure to accommodate for my lack of flexibility.  It was a full hour session. One on one. It worked my whole body and  even tho I was experiencing pain I still felt capable and pushed through  to complete my practice with her. She was gentle and encouraging with  the movements and guided me through the whole process. Now I don’t know  if it was just the yoga that changed me but the day after, all the pain  disappeared. Completely gone. I am so shocked and still amazed at what  happened. I couldn’t believe it! Natalia takes into consideration your  capabilities and makes sure you get just what you need from the practice  and I think that what makes it so healing. Honestly can’t thank her  enough!!!


My experience and all experiences with Natalia are always life changing.  I cannot explain enough how helpful reiki has become in my spiritual  and personal journey. I walk away always feeling lighter and more  aligned from our reiki sessions. Yoga has also been incredibly helpful,  not only for my flexibility, but in releasing so much trauma and  emotions that are stored in my body that I had no idea were stuck. I  would be lying if I said I haven't cried during one of our session  before. The release I feel from yoga and recharge from reiki is exactly  what I need before and after huge changes or events in my life to  properly care for myself.

I highly recommend services from  Natalia to anyone that feels stuck, lost, called, inspired, or just  needs a good recharge and reset. You will walk away a different person  in the most beautiful way. Feeling aligned is worth it. Please invest in  yourself! I am so glad I did.


Natalia was calm and friendly when we started our session which soothed  any general anxiety I was having from being excited. Reiki is personal,  and Natalia is respectful and speaks with love about energy blockages  and informative in why those might be in the places she’s finding them.  The session was very helpful in issues I was dealing with in my life at  the time and my physical body felt amazing afterward. I felt like I  moved more fluidly, with more grace. Natalia cleared the energy  blockages I had so my energy could flow more freely through me. Any time  I’m feeling pulled to a reiki session Natalia is my first thought :) Be  ready to be introspective to get the full benefit of this. Natalia is  an amazing healer, but you play the other part in your healing process.


As someone who has battled internally with being raised by white people  and not feeling connected to ancestral ways of healing, reiki wasn’t  something I had considered participating in. However, in working with  Natalia for a longer period of time; I felt opened up to try and access  this kind of healing.  When I received Natalia’s message with what they found and how it was  affecting my body I was, well, I sobbed. It was intense, in a really  beautiful and insightful way. So many things resonated with what they  said and how I have felt/what I’m discovering about myself. I’m really  grateful for this gift, and for the gift of working with Natalia during  this incredibly difficult year.


So much to say about Natalia! They have the most benevolent, calming  energy that creates a warm space for you. There's a duality that is  created when working with Natalia. Whether through weekly group Reiki or  the Aura Detox, you will feel energized yet grounded, activated yet  centered and overall just a deep sense of calm. The Aura Detox was a wonderful experience that gave me a lot of insights to integrate into my  healing. Natalia provides a thorough debriefing of what they found  during the session. The information is invaluable and helped me better understand blocks/challenges I am dealing with. The experience was  honest, kind and very supportive. I highly recommend working with Natalia!


Thank you Natalia, I feel like this couldn’t have come at a better time.  Shortly after receiving  I did feel some lightening of my aura and an  energetic shift. I think I’m finally feeling the full effects about a  day or so later. I had been waking up in a not so pleasant mood but  since you sent those positive vibes my way.... I’ve been feeling great  energetically.  I’m totally looking forward to doing more healing  sessions in the future.  


Absolutely  Amazing! I had a lot of tension built up in my lower back, and after my  Reiki Session with Natalia all of my pain was completely gone! I've had  Reiki done a few times before in the past, this is by far the greatest  experience I have had thus far. Natalia has such a warm welcoming energy  which is really comforting making the process that much more powerful! 


I’ve been amazing since our reiki session. I can not tell you how  much lighter I feel. It has helped so much breaking those blocks that  were not allowing myself to feel emotions that I was suppressing and  burying. It feels like everything is clear.

That was my first reiki experience and it was absolutely  amazing and moving. I could feel all that beautiful white light flowing  through me from my crown to my toes the entire time.  You are the truth.  I can’t wait to schedule another soon. 


Natalia's insights resonated completely.  I heard familiar childhood  traumas, fears and betrayals come up in the cleansing.  It is truly  amazing to hear that they were removed, cleared and filled with love and  positive affirmations instead.  I've been walking around with so many  dark spots, I'm looking forward to moving through the world as a  brighter being than ever before.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart  and my newly cleansed Aura.


Natalia's sacred energy medicine work weaves deeply into your spirit as  she activates attunement and resonance within and around your auric  field.


Natalia's group Reiki always has me feeling washed with magic. The  intentionality set by her allowed me to release tension and  expectations, to give more room to the present moment. 


It was a great pleasure working with Natalia during our outdoor yoga  session in the beautiful San Francisco Bay. She didn't just provide a  service, but rather a memorable experience. She brings a pleasant vibe  and positive energy.  Thank you Natalia! 


I've  enjoyed several yoga sessions with Natalia and I always look forward to  going back. They reached out to me when reiki sessions were being  offered and I felt extremely fortunate to have my first reiki session  with them. Due to the current covid pandemic it was done via a hangouts  video chat yet there was still a great connection. I started to feel  different sensations throughout my physical body as they worked around  each chakra. What really surprised me was that after we finished they  were able to tell me what areas they had difficulty working through and  that resonated with what I physically felt. The integration over the  next several days went well and they did a great job of following up  with me to see how I was doing. I highly recommend anyone to give  Natalia Rose a try if they're looking for an amazing yoga and reiki  experience.  10/10!


Natalia  is an intuitive, gentle, gifted healer.  They feel to me as if they've  been here many times before (lives before) ~ there's a wisdom and ease  in their approach to working with the mind, body, and spirit that  inspires deep trust and comfort.  The best way to describe my experience  as a Reiki client is that I feel held, regarded with care; and  respected.  Greatly respected.
Natalia's unique blend of gentleness  and strength provide the support to work through layers over time.   Their sessions have a way of sending ripples out, then flowing back  in... I've discovered that I carry insights with me which continue to  serve me well, over time.
A special, gifted spirit ~ Natalia Rose.  


Today was my first reiki session. I’m so glad I did it but I’m even more  glad that it was with Natalia. She has the soul of a healer all the way  through. She is empathetic and nurturing. Reiki is incredibly personal  and Natalia makes it easier to feel what’s going on in your soul and she  helps you understand what you need to heal. If you feel drawn to  Natalia then believe it’s for a reason- she’s here to help people grow  and heal. I’m grateful Natalia is part of my road of healing.

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