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Why Spiritual Life Coaching?

You are a multifaceted being. You are more than just your physical body, and your intellectual mind. In Spiritual Life Coaching we work with every layer of your life: your mindset, your physical practices, and your spiritual practices, and assess if they're congruent with your goals. We work together to implement strategies and healthy habits to achieve your goals and help you create a more joyful, easeful life that feels aligned with your purpose and in flow.


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Image by Bryan Goff

Socorro M. - Coaching & Reiki

My experiences with Natalia have been, not breath *taking*...but breath *giving*, life affirming. Work with Natalia if you want to feel seen, cared for, elevated. She does. not. miss!!! When I was struggling with internal blockages, she was able to read into my energy through Reiki and share with me the messages that came through. I was left mind blown, speechless multiple times. She's a gift and you're worth the investment if you're reading this, so get started with Natalia!

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