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Remote Reiki Session

Receive 1:1 Reiki without having to change your schedule!

Service Description

A completely remote healing that fits any schedule. You're never too busy to simply receive. Natalia remotely tunes into your energy field and channels Reiki to help you to cleanse and heal your energy. Natalia channels the healing that each chakra requires for balance and optimal health. The healing will take place on the day you select and integrate at 11pm of the time zone that you are in. There's nothing you have to do other than be open to receiving! An audio recording of channeled messages will be shared in the days following the session. *Ideal for returning Reiki clients What others are saying: Candy K. - "Amazing. I have done Reiki before with a different practitioner but these sessions with Natalia blew me away. I definitely felt something as they were doing it in real time, even though it was remote and not on a call. It is difficult to describe but something like a meditative state, floating. Natalia sent me a recording of messages that were very detailed. The messages were about blockages that they worked to remove. The messages resonated so much with what I was going through and struggling with. I had literally been having issues regarding the specific things that she told me she encountered during the session just a few days prior. I was completely amazed how specific the messages were and how much they resonated with me. I believe in the power of Reiki and definitely in Natalia’s mastery of it. I am so grateful for Natalia’s gift for healing. Such a warm and beautiful soul as well. I highly recommend working with Natalia. It will be worth it. I will be working with her regularly." Luca Y. - "When I received Natalia’s message with what she found and how it was affecting my body, I sobbed. It was intense, in a really beautiful and insightful way. So many things resonated with what they said and how I have felt/what I’m discovering about myself. I’m really grateful for this gift, and for the gift of working with Natalia during this incredibly difficult year." Michelle C. - "Natalia's insights resonated completely. I heard familiar childhood traumas, fears and betrayals come up in the cleansing. It is truly amazing to hear that they were removed. I've been walking around with so many dark spots, I'm looking forward to moving through the world as a brighter being than ever before. Thank you."

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations. Changes require 36hr advanced notice.

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