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1-on-1 Live Reiki Session

A Reiki Healing to cleanse your energy & align you to your desires

Service Description

A live 1:1 Reiki to cleanse your energy and align you to your soul's desires. Begin the session with a check in and guided meditation. Once in a meditative state, Natalia will tap into your energy field and begin to channel Reiki into your Aura and energy centers (chakras). Natalia channels the healing each chakra requires to achieve balance, then seals and protects your energy field. When completed Natalia will share any messages that come through your wisdom centers. Receive a recording of your messages for your reference as you continue your healing journey. What others are saying: Sean L - "Absolutely Amazing! I had a lot of tension built up in my lower back, and after my Reiki Session with Natalia all of my pain was completely gone! I've had Reiki done a few times before in the past, this is by far the greatest experience I have had thus far. Natalia has such a warm welcoming energy which is really comforting making the process that much more powerful!" Danyelle C. - "So much to say about Natalia! She has the most benevolent, calming energy that creates a warm space for you. There's a duality that is created when working with Natalia. You will feel energized yet grounded, activated yet centered and overall just a deep sense of calm. This was a wonderful experience that gave me a lot of insights to integrate into my healing. Natalia provides a thorough debriefing of what they found during the session. The information is invaluable and helped me better understand blocks/challenges I am dealing with. The experience was honest, kind and very supportive. I highly recommend working with Natalia!" Kelly K. - "Natalia is an intuitive, gentle, gifted healer. She feels to me as if she's been here many times before (lives before) ~ there's a wisdom and ease in her approach to working with the mind, body, and spirit that inspires deep trust and comfort. The best way to describe my experience as a Reiki client is that I feel held, regarded with care; and respected. Greatly respected. Natalia's unique blend of gentleness and strength provide the support to work through layers over time. Their sessions have a way of sending ripples out, then flowing back in... I've discovered that I carry insights with me which continue to serve me well, over time."

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations. Changes require 36hr advanced notice.

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