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Remote Aura Reading

Remote Aura Reading


Your Aura is the electromagenetic field of your energy that surrounds you. It interacts with the energies around you on a constant basis, so it naturally picks up energetic debris.


In a Remote Aura Reading, Natalia will remotely connect to your energetic field and use her psychic abilities to gather information that is in your aura, and channel Reiki into your aura to cleanse away energetic debris and replenish it.


You will receive an email confirming the day the Aura Reading will take place, and another email in the days after with a report on the information that Natalia received. Check your inbox & add to your contacts.


***Please be sure to add your birth name and the city you live in. This is what Natalia will use to energetically anchor to your energy to perform the reading. (If you're purchasing for someone else, please include their info and add a note with their email address.)

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Aura Reiki
$48.45every month until canceled
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