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Purple Glow

About Me

Hola sweet soul! I'm so happy to have you here!

My name is Natalia Rose. I also go by Honey. (How I got the name is a funny story, maybe I’ll tell ya later).

I was bron and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay. I fuckin love The Bay with my whole ass heart (I’ve got the tattoo to prove it), I’m proud to be where I’m from because I know how unique beautiful and creative the people there are. I’m now an hour long plane ride away, and I brought a few Bay Area teams with me (lol jk).

I’m enjoying Las Vegas, I’m happy to be here and exploring a new kind of nature. (Have you seen the mountains here? Gorgeous!)


While growing up in the Bay had it’s perks, it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies. I’ve unfortunately dealt with a few different kinds of abuse in my life, along with being a woman of color from a 1st/2nd generation household (my family immigrated from México), shit was just not always dandy, and I developed depression and anxiety. I escaped with music, books, partying, drugs, alcohol. It was not cute!

And a car accident that left me in crutches fucked shit up even more. (Physical pain to pair with that emotional pain, coooooool.)

I was miserable af. I knew something had to change.

So I started getting serious about my yoga practice, and became a teacher so I could share yoga with my community. FTP! Yoga for POC was born! Because I knew that the healing I experienced was possible for the other beautiful babes like me out there, and I wanted to bring that forth in an accessible way.

My devotion to my practice healed my physical pain, brought me peace, and revealed my innate psychic, intuitive, and ancestral abilities.


Firsthand accounts from my classmates and clients was that what I was doing brought visions and deep relaxation, akin to Reiki. This inspired me to study Usui Reiki and reach Reiki Master Level. (I also studied Holy Fire Reiki and have received ignitions for Levels 1 & 2.) The ability to perform distance Reiki has allowed me to share its amazing healing energy with people as far away as Japan and Costa Rica, and across the US.

I’m a Life Path 7, I fuckin love to learn (the library was my second home). I am always taking a class of some sort, or a masterclass. I just fuckin love learning, so I’ve also studied Medical Mediumship (Level 1), Coaching, Hypnosis, EFT, and NLP.

I’m also a 3/5 in Human Design, so I’m basically a brilliant mad scientist.

I know how potent and effective these modalities are on their own, AND, I blend them together in a really spectacular way to help my clients level the fuck up and live the life they’ve been dreaming of.

Connecting with other beautiful souls who are ready to step into their power and live a life that they love, equipped to handle any bullshit, and excited to make progress, lights me the fuck up.

I just love seein y’all grow! So I hope you’ll hang out for a while and soak up the love and good vibes.

over shoulder flowers.jpg

xo, Natalia

PS: I also really love music! You’re welcome to come vibe with my music project: Honey Katana.


  • Usui Reiki. Levels 1, 2, & Master

  • Holy Fire Reiki. Levels 1 & 2

  • Medical Intuition. Level 1

  • Hatha, Vinyasa, & Stellarflow 200hr Yoga Teacher

  • Coaching Foundations

  • Becoming Infinite Life Coaching, EFT, Hypnosis, NLP

  • Bachelors of Science, Business Administration


Here's some fun facts about me...

I'm actually a hella big nerd. I love to read and spent a lot of time in my local library growing up, both as a patron and a volunteer. You can always find at least 2-3 books on my nightstand. I also love to learn, and am always taking classes to hone my skills and expand my knowledge.

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